Car Servicing

Welcome to Book Your Car Service Online.

This is the car site which provides you with free information and independent advice about booking your used car in for its service, and doing so online.

Are you new to driving?

Have you been on the road for a year quietly racking up your No Claims Discount and now the time has come for your vehicle to be serviced?

You might not know how to go about it and where to get it booked in, it can be a little overwhelming – especially if you have other things to sort out around the same time like your road tax and your insurance renewal.

Or are you an experienced driver who has been servicing your vehicle regularly for years?

Well maybe you would like to change the way you go about the process, and save money while doing so!

Well at Book Your Car Service online we are dedicated to helping you book your service on the internet and save as much money as possible so here’s a couple of sites to get you started:

  • AutoVillage – AutoVillage is one of a number of sites that has a great service to help you find a garage that will service your car and this one allows you to compare prices for different garages that can help too.
  • – Driving Test Success has loads of information about what’s included in a car service, so, when you’re looking for a garage to service your car you’ll know what they should be doing to keep your car safely on the road.
  • – Yes, Google, you can use search engines to find out when your vehicle is due for a service by looking up your vehicle manufacturer and “service intervals”, you might even find some recommendations for garages to service your car while you’re at it.

You may not previously have considered actually booking your service online, but now is the time to do so.

You can save yourself valuable time and money, as it makes life easier for the servicer when people book via the automated service on their websites.

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